Red Skywalker
General Info
Powers None (pre Theme 1-9) using a Lightsaber to destroy parts of a structure (post Theme 1-9) using Green Lightsaber (after complete Path Of Jedi)
First Level Appearance: Theme Tatooine-1
Gender: Male
Species: Northern Cardinal (Dressed as Luke Skywalker)
Locations: Most levels
Strength: Medium
Size: Regular

Red Skywalker is the main protagonist of the Angry Birds Star Wars franchise. Originally, like in the previous games he did not have a power, but later gained his father's blue lightsaber. He uses a lightsaber in a spinning motion, similar to a shruiken to break blocks, as seen in a gameplay trailer. If Path of the Jedi is completed, then Luke will gain a green lightsaber. He seems to be more powerful than Red Bird was in Angry Birds.Red Skywalker is the son of Lard vader and brother of Princess Stella.