Jabba The Hogr
Jabba launched
General Info

Powers :  

super strenght

First appearence :

Moon of Endor (cutscene)
Gender: Male
Locations: Tatooine
Strength: Strong
Size: Extra large

Jabba is a slug gangster and leader of his criminal empire 


During the galatic civil war Boba Fett delivered the frozen Chuck ''Ham'' Solo in his palace and hang on a wall as a trophie. Some time later r2d2 and c3po arrived with a message  from Red Skywalker to bargain ham life, jabba ignored. After, Princess Stella (disgauised as a bounty hunter) appeared in his palace to negociate the price for Terebacca. When Jabba was sleeping Stella unfroze Ham, but Jabba surprised them, taking Stella captive. He was confronted by a third rebel attack, now the cloaked Red Skywalker used mind tricks on Jabba, but doesn`t worked, he laughed and dispensed him to the underground lair of the monster Rancor.


Jabba the hog appears in an Angry Birds Star Wars toyset with Princess Stella and Rancor. He next appeared in the moon of Endor cutscene and in a telepod form for Angry birds star wars II.